DOE gives emergency public info

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Four years ago, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office identified the need to enhance safety-related communication to its neighbors.  

As a result, DOE collaborated with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency to launch an emergency public information campaign that continues today.  

The campaign focuses on providing the public — specifically, people who live, work or travel within five miles of the Oak Ridge Reservation — with educational information that addresses what to do in the unlikely event an emergency occurs at the DOE properties.

Since the public education campaign began, thousands of emergency public information publications have been provided to homes near the Oak Ridge facilities via mail, picked up from the DOE Information Center, or downloaded from the website, www.oakridge.doe.gov/emergency.

These publications contain information about what to do if the warning sirens sound, how to shelter-in-place, the locations of evacuation shelters, and important descriptions of facilities in Oak Ridge.  

In addition, basic facts about chemical and radiological hazards are highlighted in the publication titled, “What to Do if an Emergency Occurs on the Oak Ridge Reservation.”

“One of the primary goals of the DOE’s Oak Ridge Reservation is to operate safely every day, and in turn, maintain worker, community, and environmental safety and health,” said DOE’s Oak Ridge Office Manager Gerald Boyd.  

“An important aspect of our commitment to safety is to ensure the public is equipped with information needed during an emergency,” he continued. “The ORO will continue to provide Oak Ridge and its surrounding communities with this vital emergency preparedness information.”

DOE representatives are available to speak with community groups about this public education campaign.

To schedule a presentation about emergency information contact the Oak Ridge public affairs office at 865-576-0885.  

Copies of  the publication “What to Do if an Emergency Occurs on the Oak Ridge Reservation” are available at the DOE Information Center at 475 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, or by calling 865-241-4780.  

Emergency information materials are available at www.oakridge.doe.gov/emergency and can be printed and distributed.