Don’t let these scammers make a grab for your $$

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King Features Syndicate

ScamBusters has exposed a wide variety of the latest scams, including:

Fake pregnancy — Need to buy a positive pregnancy test to push a romance toward marriage? Ads apparently are turning up all over the country.

Spy TV — Do televisions spy on unsuspecting watchers, with hackers selling the data? Presenters at a Mashable conference produced a video showing what’s possible on new smart TVs, especially if hooked to outside streaming services. See http://on.mash.to/1nuyDsr and click the links for details.

Medical ID theft — An estimated 1.85 million people in one year became victims of medical identity theft. It’s become a huge business and will only expand. Learn to protect yourself at http:// 1.usa.gov/1qVAqsA and www.medidfraud.org.

Smell the coffee — Coffee shops that roast their own beans are at risk of falling scam to receiving a big order for 250 pounds of coffee, followed by a check. The owner will be asked to wire a portion of that check (which isn’t any good) to a shipping company to cover transportation costs. The shipper, of course, is in on the scam.

Windows XP — Most people know Windows XP expired early in April. The scammers have been waiting for this. While Microsoft won’t provide any more security updates, scammers promise they will in pop ups that might appear on your computer screen, as well as in emails and websites. Do not download their “you’re at risk” malware.

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