Don’t blame Boston police for bombings

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I must respond to the recent opinion printed in the Roane County News regarding the Boston police force.

The writer insinuated that this tragedy could have been averted if the Boston police had done their jobs.

Shame on you for even suggesting this! Lots of people pack backpacks when attending an all-day outdoor activity.

People use backpacks today for things like books, computers, drinks, snacks, clothing.

Parents use backpacks for diapers, bottles, toys and more.

It is not uncommon for the carriers to relieve this load from their backs and set it next to them.

To claim that the police failed to do their jobs because they did not inspect every one of them is insane.

So who exactly was at fault? Why didn’t our National Security department notify the local police department concerning these two individuals? After all, they were notified about the potential dangers of these two men, yet they weren’t even being watched.

This tragedy occurred at a public event, but it could have been anywhere. While thousands were involved and observing this marathon, these weapons could have been placed in a mall, subway, bus station or library.

If our government had done its job, local security (or police department) would have been better equipped to do its job. Blame the Boston Police force?

Never entertain that thought.

There is much ado about our Second Amendment now and gun control with background checks, registration and ownership.

Let me remind the readers that the gun used in the latest school massacre did belong to a legal, registered owner.

Did that stop the gun from being used by an unregistered non-owner?

Will taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens keep the guns out of the hands of criminals?

Will this act prevent bombs from being built, knives being used, or any other type of murder? Of course not.

People kill and maim people.

The item or items they use are just a means to this end. Americans are being forced to accept every ungodly and immoral idea or way of life and call it tolerance.

We murder innocent babies and call it choice.

We allow obscene language and call it freedom of speech.

We allowed false theories to be taught to our children as truths, and now they are teaching our grandchildren the same lies.

We allow our government to make and install laws that they are not required to adhere to.

Amendment 28 should have been passed years ago but this law will affect the very people who will not pass it.

It’s kind of like going to a bar to ask the alcoholics to vote on closing it.
The only way these tragedies will stop is when people’s hearts and minds are changed.

It is time for America to quit trusting in our current government, laws, court systems, officials, or education system for the answers to our nation’s problems and depend on the Lord alone to heal us.

It is time for all of the Lord’s precious children to quit being the silent majority and stand up for what is right in His sight.

We are “tolerating” this Christian-established nation into oblivion. I urge everyone American to watch a mighty film called Monumental. Watch it as an individual, a family, or a neighborhood get-together.

Then call or write every elected official, especially those in Nashville and Washington, D.C., and urge them to see this American history.

Then use the gray matter that the good Lord gave you and decide for yourself the conclusion of this matter.

Are the Boston police responsible? Never!

Our national security department? Yes!

America’s moral compass?


Karen Rhyne