Donation to Kingston library extraordinary

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Members of the Kingston Public Library Foundation would like to thank Scott Johnson for donating Wesley Johnson’s extensive book collection to the library.
I am a member of the foundation. Several weeks ago my husband Roy and I were driving around on a beautiful fall day when we saw a sign for “C & C Estate Sale.”
We attended the sale at a lovely home South of the River. The owner, Wesley Johnson, has passed away and the homestead was being auctioned.
There was a home library with many, many, books.
I inquired of the auction person as to what would be done with the books that remained from the sale and was informed that the books became the property of C & C Auction Sales.
I requested any remaining books be donated to the library.
Several days later, Angie Couch of C & C Auction, called me and said Scott Johnson would, indeed, donate the books to the library.
We set a time for pickup of the books.
There were so many books (approximately 1,000) that they filled the back of a F150 pickup truck and a 14-foot trailer stacked two and three boxes high.
The books will be sold and the money used to support the many functions the foundation performs.
We would like Scott Johnson to know what a wonderful gift he has given to the people of Kingston.
The following are a few of the past and present functions the foundation has been involved in: children’s summer reading programs; the writing contest for Roane County students; art shows; the purchase of children’s books; the purchase of early learning computer systems; guest speakers such as Dr. Bill Bass; guest programs such as the recently held Mark Twain program; support for the Writer’s Guild; the updating of the newly dedicated computer room with new carpeting, new ceiling tiles and paint; and also the leasing of bestseller books.
Scott Johnson’s generosity will allow the foundation to support Kingston for many months to come.
Our heartfelt thanks to him.
Joyce Young