Don't let D.C. politicians cut public TV funds

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It seems that Washington politicans like to keep the public in the dark about what they’ve been up to.
It seems the news media must agree with them because the only news media I’ve seen this story in was public TV. The politicians are now cutting funding for public TV.  
In 1998 nearing the end of President Clinton’s administration, Washington politicians determined that the millionaires and billionaires didn’t have enough money and that the poor and working class had way too much.
So they voted to deregulate the commodities exchange.
The first thing you heard was home electric bills in California quadruple, then gas prices went to $5-plus a gallon, then food prices headed up. \Everyone with tons of money to play with was buying and selling oil, big investment companies, big banks, some of whom the taxpayers had to bail out later.
They don’t see, touch, or deliver this oil. They just buy and sell for big profits. They don’t need an excuse to raise prices, but will put most any one out there to try make the public feel better about being robbed.
So the next time you’re filling your tank, watching the dollar signs roll by, mumbling unspeakable words under your breath about OPEC or the big oil companies, just remember the cause is right here at home in Washington, D.C.
This is only one small story in a very large book you could write about Washington politicians’ efforts to help the poor ol' billionaires.
Norman Campbell