Duff Subaru Stellar among dealerships

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Prestigious award cites excellence in customer care

Earl Duff Subaru, Harriman, has been recognized for excellence in customer service with the prestigious Subaru Stellar Care Award.
The award, presented by Subaru of America Inc., honors an elite group of dealerships for exemplary customer care and relationships.
“The Subaru Stellar Care Award is given to top-ranking Subaru dealers who deliver an exceptional ownership experience to our customers,” said Bill Cyphers, senior vice president of sales for Subaru of America.
“Award recipients meet the high Stellar Care benchmarks for customer satisfaction, brand representation and operational excellence.”
The Duff family dealership and its staff were cited for exceptional dedication and devotion of time and resources to the customer experience throughout the year.
Those values are part of Subaru’s overall success in the auto industry, Cyphers said.
“Our brand has enjoyed record sales for the past four years,” he noted. “This success is due in large part to the excellent efforts of our retail body.”
Earl Duff Subaru also met and exceeded other criteria, from participation in all customer-focused Subaru programs to maintaining a customer-friendly, inviting facility.
Subaru Stellar Care Award recipients must also achieve outstanding satisfaction scores for all key areas in sales and service and demonstrate outstanding performance in customer loyalty.
“All Subaru dealerships deliver a high-quality experience to our customers,” Cyphers said. “The Stellar Care Award winners excel in the way they take care of their customers and represent the Subaru brand.”