E-Response assists in reducing overpayment of Unemployment Insurance

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The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development has an electronic separation process to help reduce overpayment of unemployment insurance.

State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) E-Response is a website through which employers submit electronic responses to unemployment insurance information requests.

The voluntary system was introduced in April 2012, but currently only 13% of employers are taking advantage of the system.

“Employers should be aware of how helpful SIDES E-Response can be,” said Acting Labor and Workforce Commissioner Burns Phillips.

“With this Web-based system, inaccuracies and delays in submitting unemployment information can be minimized.”

When a person files a claim for unemployment, the department sends a letter to the employer or third-party administrators verifying the reason the claimant has given for separation and providing login information to SIDES E-Response. The employer then responds electronically with SIDES E-Response.

By using SIDES E-Response employers can save time and money exchanging unemployment information by reducing paper handling, postage costs, follow-up requests, and phone calls.

The website is free for small businesses, but there is an IT fee for third-party administrators.

In March 2013, the department conducted SIDES pilot demonstrations on the Tennessee Career Coach for smaller employers in different counties. This gave employers the opportunity to ask questions, explore the program on the career coach computers, and give feedback.

Visit http://info.uisides.org/ for more about SIDES and SIDES E-Response.