Earthquake excites, but no damage

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‘Like a car rammed against the side of my house’

By Damon Lawrence

An Eastern Kentucky earthquake Saturday rattled residents in Roane County.
The 4.3-magnitude quake which started near Whitesburg, Ky., was felt in various degrees throughout East Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and other states.
Sandra and Walter Calbaugh of Kingston both experienced the unnerving incident.
“It shook the curio cabinet and shook around pretty good,” Walter said. “There was no trouble telling what it was. There was no doubt.”
It’s not the first earthquake tremors he’s felt, but they left an impact.
“It was scary. It lasted probably maybe 15 to 20 seconds,” Walter Calbaugh said.
While the tremors may have been unsettling, that’s about the worst of it.
“We had a lot of people call that were scared, but no damage was reported,” said Howie Rose, director of Roane County Emergency Management.
Those who quickly commented about the earthquake on the Roane County News’ Facebook page included residents of Kingston, Harriman, Rockwood, Grande Vista Bay, Ten Mile, Midway, Wartburg and beyond.
Becky Brunton lives near Hwy. 70 and Gallaher Road. She and her husband, Allen, felt the tremors for several seconds.
Becky was sitting on her bed with her head against the headboard when she felt the tremors.
“It felt like a car rammed against the side of my house,” she said. “I’ve never been in an earthquake before.”
She said it was a moderate shake that rattled pictures on the walls.
Allen was in his office when the quake struck.
“He said his office chair moved about 4 or 5 inches,” Becky said.
“It took long enough for him to realize what it was and then he got up and ran to me and it was still going,” she added, estimating they felt something for about 30 to 40 seconds.
Allen thought the tremors were over, but Brunton said she could still feel them telegraphing through the headboard from her sitting position.
Among the dozens of people who shared their earthquake experiences on Facebook was Holly Farck.
“It was a pretty good shake here in Harriman where I live. Pretty scary,” she commented.