Eat-and-run plans lead to Cracker Barrel meth bust

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By Cindy Simpson

An attempt to skip out on paying for a meal at Cracker Barrel turned into an arrest for manufacturing methamphetamine late Sunday.
Michael Taylor Adcock, 18, of 741 Ranken Chapel Road, Oakdale, was arrested by Harriman police outside the popular restaurant around 10:20 p.m.
He was taken to the Roane County Jail on charges of possession of a prohibited weapon and initiation of process to manufacture methamphetamine.
He was also in custody for an unrelated theft charge.
Harriman Police Officer Todd Wood was dispatched to Cracker Barrel concerning customers allegedly plotting on walking out on a bill.
He talked to manager Debora Goins, who said two females discretely advised them that two females and a male were going to walk out without paying.
“As they approached the exit, Debora identified all five of the suspects to me,” reported Wood.
Wood reported when they left the store Adcock told the females he needed to get his wallet out of their vehicle.
The four females got into a vehicle and the male, Adcock, got into the trunk and retrieved a backpack. Wood said he instructed Adcock to go inside and pay the bill.
Another officer stopped the vehicle with the four females from leaving to identify them.
Adcock advised he did not have any money and wanted to speak to the manager to try and work out a deal, reported Wood.
Wood reported Adcock said he had been robbed and did not have any identification but identified himself as Michael Adcock.
Adcock denied Wood’s request to search the backpack.
Wood learned from dispatch that Adcock had a warrant, and he was taken into custody.
Wood reported he asked Adcock what he was hiding in his backpack and was told he had a meth lab in it.
“I then took him outside into the parking lot, where officers looked into the backpack and saw several items commonly associated with making meth. K-9 officer (Brian) Turner, who is a certified meth tech, was called to the scene,” reported Wood.
The backpack allegedly contained one bag containing approximately 50 coffee filters, two cold medicine packs, 6 feet of plastic tubing, two four-packs of lithium batteries, one 18-ounce container of Drano, one 32-ounce container of Coleman fuel, a 32-ounce empty Powerade bottle and empty 12-ounce Gatorade bottle, assorted Ziploc baggies, aluminum foil and a stir stick.
“All items are commonly used for the one-pot shake and bake method of meth making,” Wood said.
“After he was Mirandized, Adcock admitted that he was going to use the above listed materials to make and sell meth. He claimed he could sell 1 gram for $150,” Wood reported.
Woods also reported Adcock told him of meth labs in Morgan County and Rockwood.
The Tennessee Meth Task Force Response Truck came to dispose of the lab.
Wood reported Adcock also had a fixed blade knife in excess of 4 inches in length.
One of the females, identified as Britney Brackett, 19, 812, Bluff Road, Harriman, had a warrant out for her arrest and was taken into custody. Another was Jamie Luffman, 20, 141 Childs Road, Harriman, who Wood reported said it was her plan to leave without paying.
She was charged with theft.