Election Signs

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Catfish John
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When is Mr. Cobbs gonna pick up all those election signs strewn about Roane County? The election's been over quite a while, now.

I'm Just Sayin'
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Cobb Election Signs

Mr. Cobb lost the election and probably has no interest in the signs at this point. Also, Mr. Cobbb was arrested on Tue.,Oct 2, 2012 on assault charges in Rhea County. He has been indicted by the Grand Jury, and faces arraignment on Fri. Oct. 5,2012. As of yet, this hasn't been mentioned in the Roane County News, and I am wondering why. Mr. Cobb won by a substantional margin in Roane County and it seems that people would be interested in the full story since they tried to get this individual re-elected to represent them in state government.