EnergySolutions had tax lien

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By Damon Lawrence

A state tax lien was filed against EnergySolutions earlier this year.
“Anytime the state of Tennessee files a tax lien, it is because of a delinquent taxpayer,” Sara Jo Houghland, director of communications for the Tennessee Department of Revenue, said.
EngerySolutions is a nuclear services company headquartered in Salt Lake City.
The company wants to import radioactive waste from Germany to its Bear Creek facility in Roane County. 
The lien notice filed by the Tennessee Department of Revenue was recorded in the Roane County Register of Deeds Office in May.
“There have been assessed taxes, penalty and interest against the indicated taxpayer, which after demand for payment remain unpaid,” the notice said.
Houghland said the state could not reveal how much money was owed.     
“The department cannot discuss specific information about a taxpayer due to strict confidentiality statutes,” she said.
The matter since has been taken care of. The Department of Revenue filed a tax lien release notice in July.
“The above-mentioned lien for taxes, penalty and interest of the Tennessee Department of Revenue has now been fully discharged,” the release notice said.