Eureka land sale stopped

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Confusion over ownership

By Damon Lawrence

State property records list the Roane County Board of Education as the owner of 2.32 acres of vacant land on Eureka Road.
Apparently, they are wrong.
Director of Schools Gary Aytes said further research has revealed that the board doesn’t own the property. That’s why the board scrapped plans to sell it at auction.
“In 1992, there was an additional lease signed by the county executive to lease it to an individual who has a 25-year lease upon that property,” Aytes explained, “so seeing that we realized that we didn’t actually own the property.”
In September the board voted to auction the Eureka property on the same day as the closed Walnut Hill and Dyllis elementary schools.
The board rescinded the action it took on the Eureka property when it met in October.
“I think it’s good to start cleaning up some of this stuff, especially on property,” Board Chairman Rob Jago said. “I don’t want to have stuff out there we think we own, and we don’t.”
Walnut Hill and Dyllis both sold at auction on Oct. 31.