Expect more gun proposals from government

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The real reason the background-checks bill failed in the U.S. Senate is because the citizens have come to distrust this president and members of Congress after four plus years of constant lying to the public.  

Most reasonable people would agree that background checks are a valuable tool when used properly, but this bill had language in it that transferred too much authority to Eric Holder (the thug from Chicago) to enable him to restrict our ability to purchase a firearm.  

Senate Bill S.649, Section 123 of the Reid bill adds a new provision to section 922 of title 18 of the USC Code:  “It shall be unlawful for any person who lawfully posesses or owns a firearm that has been shipped or transported in or has been posessed in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, to fail to report the theft or loss of the firearm within 24 hours after the person discovers the theft or loss,  to the Attorney General and to the appropriate local authorities.”

It further amends the law, making it a five-year felony for failing to do so within that 24 hour period.  

Failing to notify the Attorney General of the theft or loss would make the person a felon, if found guilty, thus removing their right to own any firearm.

There was also another added provision that gave the Attorney General the authority to determine “reasonable fees”  that potential purchasers of firearms would have to pay when applying for a purchase permit.  

This was left vague on purpose, giving the Attorney General the ability to set fees so high that most citizens would not be able to afford those fees — a backdoor way to enact gun control.

You can look up the wording under section 922(t)(4)(B)(i) of Title 18 of the US code to “GRANT TO ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER THE POWER TO SET THE MAXIMUM FEE BY REGULATION”.

This information was not made public, but senators knew of these added provisions, and we still almost lost on the vote.  The vote was actually much closer than most people think.  

The bill needed 60 votes to pass, and if you take away the four Democrat senators who voted for it and Sen. Harry Reid’s last minute switch to retain the right to bring it back up, you see that it failed by only one vote.  
You can expect this President and the Democrats to come back with a vengeance to try and ram this through, just like they did with Obamacare.  

We are in for quite a ride.  

Gary Johnston