Finding family in an unfamiliar place – priceless!

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As a new family of six to Harriman, I thought I would share a few words with you about the community.
Moving to a new community can be stressful, especially for children.
We had been here a week when we noticed the streets downtown being blocked off.
Curious, we went to see what was going on. It was a car show with games and prizes for children and adults.
And everyone treated us with a welcoming hospitality. The longer we lived here, the more we felt the sense of community.
The main reason I am writing you is the reason we have decided to make Harriman our hometown. In the heart of downtown Harriman there is a wonderful church full of wonderful people!
We went to Trenton Street Baptist Church for the first time in August and became members in January.
We had major concerns as parents moving to Harriman because we have two children on the autism spectrum and two who are not.
Trenton Street Baptist Church took all of us in like we were family, and they had no concerns about our children. They treat them just like everyone else, with love, and compassion.
I don't know if people understand how wonderful this church is. One week before Christmas I lost my job. We worried about Christmas morning.
The Sunday before Christmas, they gave us presents for the kids and enough food for Christmas dinner.
In February, my daughter was to have her tonsils out. I stayed home with the other children, and my wife took my daughter to her surgery. Before my daughter went back for the operation, the pastor showed up and spoke with my wife and daughter.
My wife called it a wonderful experience to have someone there to show support. In March, another daughter had the same surgery; well, the same thing happened.
We moved here with no family; the closest relatives are 200 miles away. Now the closest family is right down the street. We thank Pastor Gene Nelson and the rest of Trenton Street Baptist Church family for helping us find a home and making us a part of their family! Everyone in Harriman needs to know there is a church full of wonderful people ready to welcome them.
Nathan Wray