A firsthand look on the need for health benefits

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Who would it hurt if the working poor had health insurance? If elected, Mitt Romney claims he will begin to repeal the Universal Health Care Act on Day One.

When will the Republican brethren realize that there is only one class of people who can’t see a doctor when they need to?

The truly poor get free health insurance, and the truly rich don’t need it! The rest of us are only one accident or illness away from bankruptcy.

Way before my wife ever got sick, I looked into buying health insurance for my family.

In the 1990s, it would have cost me a week’s pay every month. I checked again in 2000, and I would have had to buy a policy with a huge deductible to reach that same goal.

Guess what? I couldn’t afford it in 1990. I couldn’t afford it in 2000 and without “ObamaCare,” I will never be able to do so.

Have you ever woke up at 2 a.m. and wondered why you should get up at daylight and go out and work all day in the hot sun to feed your family? I haven’t. I have a little thing called pride.

The only time I ever asked for help from the government was when my wife got sick. I was denied.

They did offer to give us food stamps, but my wife wasn’t hungry; she needed to see a doctor without paying $500 every time we went.

Poor Ann Romney has suffered through several serious health conditions in her life.
Bless her heart.

I bet she never did it without the benefit of health insurance!

Mitt gave away his entire inheritance. Does anyone really believe that he made it on his own?

I’m sure he was sent to the best schools and was blessed with all the advantages of being a millionaire’s son.

I would really be surprised if his father didn’t help him out, financially, at some point in his life.

Who knows how many of the working poor might make it into the middle class, or beyond, if they weren’t saddled with thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses?

Fritz Stevens