Fishing Report

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Courtesy of TWRA


Chickamauga: The water surface temperature is 83 degrees. Largemouth bass fishing is good with more than 20 pounds winning most evening tournaments. Plastic worms and crankbaits are being used along the grass edges, humps, points, and ledges mostly in the primary areas. Smallmouth is also good. Upper reservoir anglers are catching a few mainly while targeting other species. Crankbaits, swim baits and jigs are the main lures being used. Spotted bass are being caught while targeting largemouth. Crappie are being caught on minnows or jigs used near lights at night, select docks and open water brush are the areas being targeted.

Striped bass is sporadic. Some days are better than others. Most caught fish are less than 10 pounds.  River drifters especially in the upper end are catching a lot of bluegill while using worms. In the extreme upper end there is a heavy mix of shellcrackers. Bigger catfish are not being caught as often, but a lot of smaller fish are being caught. Chicken parts, worms, shrimp, shad and other baits are being used.

Dale Hollow: Fishing is fair; Water temperature is 83 degrees; lake is falling. Several bass are still being caught at night on soft plastics, jigs and spinnerbaits on points in 20 feet of water. Several walleye are being caught while jigging spoons near the dam in 32 feet of water.  A few walleye are being caught near Willow Grove while trolling 28 feet of water. Several small trout are being caught near the dam on corn and flies in periods of no flow.  Better trout are being caught downstream near the island on flies.

Great Falls: Fishing is slow. Water temperature is 83 degrees; river is in summer pool. A few bass are being caught at night while using soft plastics on channel banks in 15 feet of water. A few bluegill are being caught on crickets and nightcrawlers in 15 feet of water on bluffs.

Watts Bar: The water surface temperature is 83 degrees. Largemouth bass fishing is good. Plastic worms and jigs are being used more than other baits. Primary waters and large secondary around humps and ledges offers the great opportunity. Smallmouth fishing is fair with most being caught while fishing for largemouth. White bass fishing is good. Some surface breaking is occurring. Topwater lures are being used. Humps that break at 15 feet and drop into 25-30 feet of water in the primary areas are the best waters to locate. Use spinner-type lures. Use lights, minnows or jigs, in combination to catch crappie at night. Catfish anglers are finding success. Large water areas in the river and meaty baits will offer the best opportunity. Striped bass fishing is good at times. Shad is the best bait.