Floyd Hammond Jr. sought

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By The Staff



Roane County Sheriff’s officers were on the hunt Friday for a man they suspected to be selling drugs.

The sheriff’s office had a drug search warrant for Floyd Hammond Jr.’s home off of Old Harriman Highway.

“I know he’s dangerous and usually armed,” Sheriff Jack Stockton said before the search.

Hammond was also involved in a shooting at his home on Jan. 19, Stockton alleged.

“He shot the guy through the door in the stomach,” Stockton said.

Hammond was charged with aggravated assault.

The police obtained the more recent warrant after using confidential services to buy drugs from Hammond.

When police opened the front door Friday afternoon they didn’t find Hammond, but they did find a man about to inject morphine into his arm, according to Stockton.

“Nobody is actually here that lives here,” Stockton said. “That’s pretty normal.”

According to Stockton, the place is a “safe house” for illegal activity.

Although Hammond is still on the streets, police said they believe he will be caught and off the streets.

While searching the home, police found hundreds of prescription drugs like morphine, hydrocodone and methadone.

They also found syringes and spoons which police believed was used in the drug activity.

“There’s a needle in every drawer,” Detective Jason Mynatt said.

“It’s definitely a using place,” Stockton said.

The police confiscated drugs, ammunition, thousands of dollars’ worth of power tools and surveillance equipment that was located around the house.

“We got information that he was using it to let him know when police were in the area,” Detective Kris Mynatt said.

Police also took property they believed was traded for drugs, such as DVDs and flat-screen televisions.

Investigator Kris Mynatt said they will be seeking charges, but have not filed any arrest warrants as of Monday.

“We’re excited to get him off the streets,” Stockton said.

According to Stockton, nine major drug dealers have been caught in the last 18 months.

“You knock one out and there’s another one,” he said.

Hammond would make that dealer No. 10 if caught.

They believe Hammond is a dealer because of the significant amount of pills found in his home.