Forefathers couldn’t imagine weaponry future

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Oh, yes, the problem of gun control rears its ugly head yet again.
I am totally for the Second Amendment to our Constitution.
Yes, I should have a handgun to protect myself and family.
Yes, everyone should have a rifle if they want to hunt game. (I love venison with potatoes, carrots and onions, but I could never shoot a deer).
I have shot a .22 at cans, and I was pretty good at it. My fiancé at that time tricked me into shooting a shot gun. The recoil put me on my rear end, and he laughed at me, but I sure didn’t. (May I also mention that I made an “A” in archery at Middle Tennessee State University?)
The only mistake our forefathers made was not being able to look into the future of firearms.
Here’s where we should make exceptions. No people, with the exception of our law enforcement or our military, should have automatic or semi-automatic weapons.
It’s simple.
It makes sense.
However, if you are so filled with testosterone and feel as if you are not secure about yourself, and want to pretend you are a bigger man or woman, then we can make exceptions for you at the local firing ranges with the heavy-duty fire arms attached to chains.
Jayne Jackson