Founding Fathers had a hypocritical side re: humanity

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I read the letter to the editor in the Aug. 15 edition of the Roane County News and wanted to remind people of something that far too many of us have forgotten.  

We hear much talk of this country being founded on Christian principles and most speak of the Founding Fathers with fond words and expound upon their moral values.  

It would be well to remember the truth as to the beginnings of this nation.

I love our country and would never wish to live anywhere else, but I believe we should always have a true remembrance of what is truth.  

This country was built upon the backs of an entire race of people and the near genocide of another race of people.

The Founding Fathers wrote beautiful words, but did not believe those words were for all the people, nor did they believe all humans were “man.”

Our constitution called those from Africa three-fifths of a human being.

This allowed them to own and count some of the people with their livestock.

We must never forget that George Washington owned 317 slaves; Thomas Jefferson owned 237 slaves; James Madison owned 118 slaves; James Monroe owned 75 slaves; John Tyler owned 70 slaves; and Andrew Johnson owned eight slaves.  

I am afraid their moral values extended only to the white race and not to all men.

Ferrell Winfree