Gas-leak fix multi-agency emergency

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Several residents were evacuated in the Pine Hills area of Harriman on Dec. 1 because of a significant gas leak.

“We had to evacuate,” said Bill Young, Harriman Utility Board manager. “We didn’t have to, but we did for safety.”

Young said the situation was tricky because utility workers had to fix the leak while the line was still “hot” or under pressure.

The utility recently purchased fire suits for employees working in gas for such situations.

Young said shutting off the gas service was avoided because it involves a lot. Lines have to be repressurized, and residents with pilot lights have to be notified.

The effort was a multi-agency one, and Young  praised the cooperation between the utility, Harriman Police and Harriman Fire Departments.

“It is a good example of all the elements of the city working together,” he said.