Generals being persecuted under antiquated rules

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How many suicide bombers would al Qaida or the Taliban have sacrificed in order to eliminate these two generals, David Petraeus and John Allen?
Yet, we are doing it for them because of a private tryst and a flood of emails that conflict with an antiquated Uniform Code of Military Justice article that requires marital fidelity of our military officers who live from day to day and year to year in combat zones far from their spouses.
Even some prisons allow conjugal visits for prisoners, and it is widely reported that many of our heroes, including the great Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, FDR and President John F. Kennedy, enjoyed extramarital liaisons while serving as commander in chief, and they had no negative effect on the performance of their official duties.
Is it time to review our puritanical obsession with the private habits of our leaders; is it necessary to require that when they assume the role of leader they are automatically required to set an example for American bedroom behavior?
When Abraham Lincoln was informed that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant appeared to be imbibing too much whiskey, he famously told the informant to find out what Grant was drinking and send a bottle to all his Union generals.
My point is obvious  — so it need not be herein written.
To allow these indiscretions to remove the future commander of NATO forces and the head of the CIA thereby weakening the security of the USA is the height of folly!
What would have happened if Lincoln had removed Grant for his excessive drinking habit?
It is not proper that we should weaken ourselves in a time of conflict by such irresponsible disciplinary actions.
I doubt that Lincoln would have made such an error in judgment.     
Let our military authorities, including the joint chiefs of staff and the secretary of defense, review and revise or remove this frivolous and antiquated military code article since it obviously serves no useful purpose and cannot be and never has been uniformly administered.                 
B.J. Gillum