GET FIT ANYTIME: New gym offers convenience, flexibility

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By Cindy Simpson



Making time to work out is now easier than ever.

That’s because Anytime Fitness, a national gym chain known for offering its members 24/7 access to its fitness facilities, opened last week in Harriman.

“The convenience factor-being 24/7, having the security features in place,” said manager Bryan Hurst of the gym’s appeal. “You get a key. That key gives you access all day, every day.”  

Membership provides unlimited access to the Harriman facility on South Roane Street in Roane Plaza, but that’s not all.

“That key is pretty important,” Hurst explained. “It also gives you access to all other Anytime Fitness across the United States.” 

That means members in Harriman have freedom to work out at 2,398 Anytime Fitness gyms nationwide.

The Harriman facility has a large area for machine-based equipment. In the middle of the gym is an eight-stack, which Hurst called a universal trainer.

Cardiovascular equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals and cycles will be available. 

“Each of the cardio pieces of equipment will have a monitor that you can plug in, and lets say you had your headphones on, you could listen to the TV that you wanted to based on selecting that from the piece of equipment,” Hurst said.

A weight and strength training area includes free weights, plate-loaded equipment and dumbbells in multiples of five all the way to 100 pounds. 

A classroom will be in the rear of the building. 

“Personal training has always been a stronger staple for us, but we will be having some group classes as well,” Hurst said.

Classes are still to be determined, but they likely will include some sort of boot-camp-style training. 

This particular franchise is connected to the Madisonville facility. 

“We are all small-town guys so it kind of fits who we are,” Hurst said. “We try to take customer service seriously, and so if we have a really good impact on you, you are going to talk to other people. And word of mouth ends up being your best marketing tool as long as you are taking care of people.” 

The key isn’t only about access. It allows Anytime to help members with accountability.

“We don’t really want somebody’s donation,” Hurst said. “We’re interested in seeing someone make progress and change, and that key tracks their usage. So if somebody doesn’t come in for four weeks in a row, we want to find out are they OK? Are you alive? What happened? What changed? And from there try to keep somebody motivated and accountable.”

He added, “Anytime Fitness really does a very good job of putting those types of programs in place for people to be successful.”

The facility will be staffed at times with personal trainers to advise members. Steven Morgan will be a full-time trainer.

Staffed hours will be from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday; and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Appointments will also be available.

The facility will have three unisex bathrooms for individuals to have privacy while changing and showering. 

“We want members to be able to come in, shower, to change, do what they need to do, but also have kind of that private feel about it,” Hurst said. “We’re not going to be locker rooms,” Hurst said. 

The gym is equipped with a panic-button security system so members can get emergency help with ease if a situation arises. 

Two tanning beds will be available.

“We don’t want to be considered a tanning salon,” Hurst said. 

“We want fitness to be the priority, but if you want that as kind of an amenity, there is an option.”