Gillum speaks on guns, debt and McConnell

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Can you imagine using the proposed trillion-dollar platinum coin to determine the first possession of the Super Bowl Game?

I suggest the designer create the coin with the likeness of Alfred E. Newman of MAD Magazine fame on the “heads” side, and the “tails” side could be stamped with a portrait of the rear end of a donkey.

If this happens I’m thinking of making a coin of cardboard and declaring a value that would allow me to trade it for a nice place in the south of France.

Have you ever held a pistol or rifle and admired its construction, design and balance? And when it was fired you admired its reliability and accuracy? I have, and I don’t believe that makes me as a gun nut or that I am a danger to myself or my community. Should I have to expect federal agents to forcibly remove these possessions from me, or you?

Piers Morgan, nighttime Chatty Cathy and TV host, was shocked at the in-his-face outburst of his recent NRA member guest. Much of what the guest said represents the unspoken feelings of most U.S. gun owners, I believe.

Most will oppose anything Vice President Joe Biden recommends.

Mental health is the real issue that was the basis for the heinous mass killings of helpless school children and crowds at theaters and malls etc.

Let’s focus on identifying and treating the mentally ill before we go tilting at windmills and seizing over-sized ammo clips and semi-auto rifles and pistols.

My apology to Mitch McConnell for demoting him to Kentucky state senator in my last letter. He is, of course, a U.S. senator, and I hope he will have a prominent seat at the inauguration of President Obama next week.

B.J. Gillum