Girls Night Out coming to Kingston

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Kingston First Baptist Church is hosting a community event on April 14 designed specifically for women.

Girls Night Out — a nation-wide program filled with fun, faith and fellowship — welcomes women from all backgrounds to share in God’s love by engaging them with humor and inspiring them with hope.

The evening brings women together to celebrate who God created them to be.

Those attending will hear a powerful message from featured artist ilonka, as well as be taught opportunities to help strengthen communities around the world.

Having grown up in South Africa, ilonka's journey led her to the U.S. to devote her life and voice to ministry for Jesus Christ.

At Girls Night Out, ilonka shares her compelling testimony of brokenness and draws the audience into a beautiful story of God’s redemption and hope.

Combined with her unique voice and testimony, ilonka captures the audience in laughter, tears and depth, but most of all encourages them in the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

“Girls Night Out is intended to bring together women from all walks of life to share a common bond and, in turn, feel a greater sense of belonging within their community,” said Mary Messina, director of Girls Night Out, United States.

“Through our speakers, activities and message, we hope to build lasting relationships with women, starting a Girls Night Out movement across the United States.”

The Kingston First Baptist Church event starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 each or four for $30 and can be purchased at the door or online at girlsnightout.gesturesofgenerosity.com/2012-2/.

A gift bag is given to each attendee.

Girls Night Out is part of Gestures of Generosity, a nation-wide ministry program that inspires people to celebrate and intentionally share their gifts of time, treasure and talent.

Girls Night Out is designed especially for women to be an evening of fun, faith and fellowship.

Throughout the program, testimonies are shared that lead attendees to reflect on their own faith journey. Its mission is to engage women with humor and inspire them with hope through comedy, storytelling, fellowship and a time of ministry.

For more about Girls Night Out, visit gesturesofgenerosity.com.