GOING with the FLO: Learn from past, press toward future

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We have just received the largest tax cut in the history of our America! Not a single Democrat voted for it.

It is amazing to see how God can overpower the odds and accomplish His purpose for the American people.

Donald Trump was the last hope the people had of someone who will return the power to the people of America. Our forefathers fought and died for the right to choose our leaders and continue to have Godly values.

Our national covenant began with the Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact. Many have no idea what it says or means. God’s supernatural hand was upon our nation at its birth. He wanted a shining example of a nation “under God.” He still does.

The American people voted to elect an outsider who is capable of implementing real, positive and needed change instead of a lifelong politician, beholden to special interests. If they were interested in continuing decades of costly mistakes, another “establishment” politician, more concerned with putting policies over people, would have won.

A politician looks to the next election, but a statesman looks to the next generation. This was a sovereign move of God because of the prayers of His people! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Orrin Hatch said that this may be the greatest presidency in our history. From the day President Trump was elected, we have seen $6 trillion added to the equities market. We have seen the economy itself grow at rates that we were told by the previous administration was no longer possible.

All the money spent to try to take this presidency down has only proven that this special counsel Robert Mueller is heading with people at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI have harbored biased attitudes against the president that we elected.

Matt Gates of the House Intelligence Committee describes it as a “cesspool of corruption” and that it appears that this whole Trump/Russian narrative was made up to distract us all from the very real collusion of the Democrat party, the Obama Administration with the Clinton Company and the Russians.

It has now come to light by the Politico that Obama sold out the U.S. Security and helped Hezbollah in order to secure a nuclear deal with Iran-one of the worst deals in history.

In 2016, DEA Operations Officer Michael Braren faced disruptions of the supply chain when their Project Cassandra sought approval for some significant sanctions: arrests, financial sanctions, etc. Officials at the Justice and Treasury Departments rejected the requests with delays, hindered or rejected their requests or gave no responses.

Obama protected Hezbollah to reach a nuclear deal with Iran. Gen. Jack Keane said that from 2009 until January, when President Trump took office, the entire Obama Administration held “hands off” to anything to do with Iran and their proxies.

God spared us by giving us a president who would stand up for America and confront the corruption that risked the freedom of our country.

All this strife, confusion and anti-American propaganda prove that Abraham Lincoln was right: “America will never be destroyed from the outside, if we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

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