A good city manager well worth the money

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During the weeks leading up to the most recent election, Harriman mayoral and city council candidates were asked their thoughts on having a  city manager.
It is an issue that has long been debated in the town, but one whose time has come.
Harriman has, in recent years, taken a step forward with a city coordinator.
We believe more progress can be made when it advances to a full city manager — provided the city hires the right person.
A good city manager not only manages city workers and projects — he or she can make things go much more smoothly.
We think of them like the cartilage between the leg bones in the knee. They act like a cushion between city employees and elected city officials.
Without a city manager, politics can make the dealings between elected city officials and city employees a painful one — like bone on bone in a bad knee.
Things can still get done, but a city will limp along — never reaching its full effectiveness.
We hope the current crop of city officials will put real thought into moving forward with an effective, professional city manager.
Despite recent population losses, Temperance Town is still the largest city in Roane County.
It is time for the Harriman City Council to show real leadership by moving fuly to a city manager form of government.