Good people need guns to keep criminals at bay

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ln response to an article by B.J. Gillum in the March 22 paper, Mr. Gillum seems to think that preserving our Second Amendment rights is much ado about nothing and is worthy of poking fun at, that these people wanting to preserve their constitutional rights are animal-slaughtering, moonshine-drinking, third grade-educated dumb hillbillies who can’t find their way out of bed in the morning.

What good is your right to remain silent if it’s OK for a cop to beat your brains out until you tell him what he wants to hear?

What good is the right to assemble and protest if you are not allowed a site to gather?

Yes, some people do take exception to the erosion of their constitutional rights.

Mr. Gillum’s letter seems to suggest he is an anti-gunner with a dislike for the NRA and armed law-abiding citizens.

His letter seems to suggest that all law-abiding citizens should be disarmed and made easy prey for criminals.

Criminals don’t obey laws.

Criminals don’t care about laws.

Criminals will still have their guns.

Criminals like “gun free” zones where they know citizens won’t be able to protect themselves.

When is the last time a deranged mass murderer went to a police station to do his dirty deeds — where there’s plenty of guns with people who are quite capable of using them? Think the police are going to protect you?

Criminals come into contact with their victims long before the police are ever called.

Would you prefer a homeowner be unarmed and helpless when armed thieves are breaking in during the early morning hours with the intent to rob and kill everyone?

Mr. Gillum, do you think a law-abiding couple walking down a public street should be disarmed and made easy victims for thugs with knives and baseball bats with the intent to do them bodily harm or worse?

Mr. Gillum, would you like for all moviegoers to be disarmed, assuring a potential mass murderer that no one will hinder his slaughter by shooting back at him?

Do you think churchgoers and restaurant patrons should be disarmed easy victims for crazed nuts who want to kill them?

Disarming law-abiding citizens only helps criminals.

A law-abiding, gun-carrying citizen could be your best friend.

Why should law-abiding citizens be denied the right to own an AR15 and 100 round drums of bullets? Why do they need it? Why do people buy Cadillacs when a Volkswagen will get them where they’re going?

Norman Campbell