Good reports for Kingston

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Ladd greenway ribbon-cutting should be set soon

By Mike Gibson

Vaughn and Melton engineers brought good news at a recent Kingston City Council meeeting.
They reported on a nearly finished greenway and a sewer project set to launch into its second phase at the August council sessions.
According to reports, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has performed its walk-through inspection of the Ladd Landing Greenway, necessary for the final sign-off on the project.
In the meantime, Mayor Troy Beets, City Manager David Bolling and Tim Clark of the public works department have also done a final inspection of their own,.
They have given the contractor “a few final points” to work on — a small drainage problem in one area, for instance — before this phase is at an end.
According to Beets, neither the TDOT report nor the city officials’ final to-do list is expected to be a major effort.
In fact, Beets said he anticipates a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the greenway in the next month or so.
In the meantime, the Gallaher Road sewer extension — which will make use of around $600,000 in unused grant and loan money leftover from a related project — is poised for further action.
Vaughn and Melton engineer Kent Olson reported that bids to build a new sewer extension line on Gallaher have come in. He recommended that council consider accepting the low bid in order to proceed with the work.