Grant gives Rockwood resident new home in time for the holidays

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Bonnie Davison of Rockwood spent Christmas in her new home, thanks to a 2011 HOME grant received by the city.


Rockwood received a $250,000 grant that enabled the city to complete the rehabilitation of three existing homes.

It also provided for the demolition of two additional homes and for new construction to replace those homes.

Davison lives at 309 N. Dunlap Ave. and said she is very thankful to the city for her new home.

Rockwood Mayor James Watts said he shares in that gratitude.

“I am most thankful that the city received the grant and we were able to do as much work as we have with those funds,” he said. “Three homes were rehabbed, and two new homes, including Mrs. Davison’s, have been completed.”

Davison’s home was the last one to be finished and completes the 2011 grant.

“Results like we have received from these grant funds is what makes public service worth the while,” Watts added.

The mayor thanked former Rockwood City Recorder Jim Hines for the part he played in acquiring the grant.

Hines helped the city with the administration of HOME grants over the years, and Watts said it has made a difference in the lives of many Rockwood citizens.

Watts also thanked Rockwood City Recorder Becky Ruppe and Sam Kidd with Barge Wagoner Sumner and Cannon for following through with the grant to its completion.

“Where a person lives and the condition of their home is one of the most important things in a person’s life,” said Ruppe. “I have often heard HOME grant improvements described as economic development because homes are where jobs go at the end of the day.”

She added, “Without a good home, a person can’t perform as well on the job, and children don’t learn as well when they live in poor conditions.

“I am honored to have played a small part.”

Kidd, housing specialist with BWSC, said administering HOME grants is one of his favorite assignments because it makes such a difference in people’s lives.

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency administers the federally funded HOME program to promote the production, preservation and rehabilitation of housing for low-income households.

HOME funds are awarded through a competitive application process to cities, counties and non-profit organizations outside local participating jurisdictions.

Barge Wagoner Sumner and Cannon was the administrator of the grant, and Kidd oversaw the construction.