Guge, Richardson town’s top cops

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Harriman Police Department’s Cody Guge and reserve officer Ridge Richardson were selected as 2012’s officer and reserve officer of the year, respectively.

Harriman Police Chief Randy Heidle said Guge has been an asset to the department since he became involved first as an Explorer.

“In 2009, he was also Explorer of the Year,” Heidle said. “Cody has been through our system since the beginning. He is my very first officer that has went through my whole system.”

The chief added, “He’s very loyal, respectful, does the job well. He’s what you would call in my opinion an all-around officer. The only thing he is lacking is experience, but that will come in time.”

Heidle said Guge is professional and honest.

“He had the second-highest drug arrests in the department, and he’s just a patrolman,” Heidle said.

Guge is also working toward his bachelor’s degree while working full time.

“I’m proud he’s doing it,” Heidle said. “He wants to make a difference. That is the kind of officer I want.”

Richardson has been an asset in his capacities as reserve as well.

“Ridge has done a great job for us. We had a total of 1,500 hours volunteer time for 2012 in our reserves and Explorer programs. Ridge has a lot of those hours,” Heidle said.

Richardson does training in self defense for the reserves.

“He’s in here all the time helping out. He does all of our events,” Heidle said. “He loves being part of law enforcement.”

The chief added, “I’d love to have him full time, but I respect his decision.”