Gun team coach arrested

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Police charge him after pee incident in parking lot

By Damon Lawrence

Kirt Phillippi of Rockwood was a coach of the WSI-Oak Ridge team that won a national shooting competition in 2010.
Last week, it wasn’t his marksmanship that interested Harriman police.
Phillippi was charged with public intoxication on March 19 after police were called about a parking lot urination incident.
According to police records, Officer Michael Cox was dispatched to Kroger on a report of an intoxicated man in the parking lot.
“Before I arrived, he had left Kroger and drove to Frank’s Liquor at 1741 Roane State Hwy.,” Cox reported. That’s were he said he found Phillippi.
The witness from Kroger was called over and identified Phillippi as the man she saw urinating in the parking lot and leaning on her vehicle, the warrant said.
Cox reported that Phillippi, 49, had slurred speech, trouble standing and walking. He was arrested and taken to the Roane County Jail. He is scheduled to appear in court on May 20.
After his team won the shooting competition a few years ago, a story was featured in the WSI newsletter.
“This is the best of the best in armed security police officers, so I couldn’t be more pleased with the WSI-Oak Ridge team’s success,” Lee Brooks, senior vice president and general manager for WSI-Oak Ridge, said at the time.
The newsletter said Phillippi was one of the team’s coaches.
Police records list Phillippi as a   Rockwood resident. His occupation was listed as firearms instructor.