Guns needed in private hands to protect the peace

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I would like to bring to the public’s attention the following federal statutes:

1. 10 years — 18 U.S.C./922(G) — for possession of a firearm or ammunition by a felon, fugitive or drug user.

2. 10 years — 18 U.S.C./922(J) — for possession of a stolen firearm.

3. 10 years — 18 U>S>C>/922(I) — for shipment or transport of a stolen firearm across state lines.

4. 10 years — 18 U.S.C./924(B) — for shipping, transporting or receipt of a firearm across state lines with intent to commit a felony.

5. 5 to 30 years consecutive mandatory — U.S.C./924(A)(1)(A) — For carrying, using or possessing a firearm in connection with a federal crime of violence or drug trafficking.

6. Death penalty or life imprisonment — 18 U.S.C./924(J) — for committing murder while posessiong a firearm in connection with a crime of violence or drug trafficking.

7. 15 years mandatory — 18 U.S.C./924(E) — for a prohibited person with three prior convictions for drug offenses or violent felonies.

8. 10 years — 18 U.S.C./924(G) — for interstate travel to acquire or transfer a firearm to commit crime.

With the existing statues governing our society today, common sense should dictate that enforcement of the laws above is enough for criminals not to engage in breaking them.

Newer gun laws, which do more to restrict law-abiding citizens rights of ownership for protecting their homes and families and use for self-defense, only serve to eliminate a criminals fear of punishment for his crimes.

Look at municipalities such as Washington, D.C; Chicago; and New York City, for example.

The ignorance of what our Second Amendment rights truly represent for law-abiding citizens in America — which was blatantly expressed and shown by Piers Morgan on CNN network — can only bring about an attitude whereby no one is safe while guns exist.

Guns are then labeled as an evil that must be eliminated.

Take away a society’s means of self-defense and protection and anarchy will prevail, thus bringing loss of liberties and freedom with government ending up in total control of a military police-state.

The individual states must take steps to protect their citizens by recognizing the fact that most violent crimes occur by criminals who are emotionally disturbed or whose minds are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychopathic medication.

These people are the real menace.

They become all the more dangerous when they come into possession of weapons whether it is firearms or non-firearms.

And they have no conscience for their acts of crime. More than 90 percent of crimes stem from substance abuse.

We must, as a society, enact laws that are based on wisdom and intelligence and knowledge of facts, but never based on emotion.

Only clever and rational-minded thinking should prevail in governing so as to machination peace and order.

Lock up those who threaten to destroy life and protect the ones who preserve life.

We must do these things to protect our families and our children, if American is to survive and remember our heritage as a Christian nation.

Robert E. Lee III