This Harriman budget comes without tax hike

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By Cindy Simpson

Harriman City Council approved final reading of its 2014 budget recently with no tax increase.
Harriman Mayor Chris Mason, however, for a second year, predicted one would be coming down the road.
“I don’t know when our last increase in taxes was. I just want to give fair warning: It is coming. One day, there will be a tax increase,” Mason said.
He even said that Treasurer Charles Kerley asks about raising taxes each year.
“Wait, he didn’t say that,” Kerley quipped.
The proposed budget includes a general fund revenue of $7.5 million and appropriations of $7.2 million.
Kerley added a few things the council desired to the budget since first reading, including a backhoe on lease-purchase and $2,000 for a security camera at the golf course.
He also reduced the estimate on how much the city would get selling property from $400,000 to $300,000 and felt uncertain if his figure was optimistic or conservative.
Mason praised the Harriman Police Department for working on a 9-percent decrease in funding for another year.
The city gave 2-percent raises to city employees.