Harriman gets backup on developer spat

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By The Staff



Harriman will use a trusted firm in its spat with Pinnacle Pointe developers over money the state says the developers owe the city.

Harriman City Council has voted to allow City Attorney Harold Balcom and Treasurer Charles Kerley to proceed with Vaughn & Melton, an engineering firm that has previously worked with the city.

The city asked Balcom and Kerley to select an engineering firm to study computer models in the debate between the city and Prestige Land Co. developers.

A state investigative audit said the developers owe the city more than $234,000 that the city spent on private enterprise at the site.

Since the audit about a year ago, the developers contend that the city owes them around the same amount.

Vaughn & Melton handled the Childs Bridge replacement for the city.

“They have done good work,” Kerley said.

Harriman Mayor Chris Mason agreed, saying the Tri-County Industrial Board worked with them as well.

Kerley said they asked the firm to look at the database provided by developers on earth-moving costs.

Then, they will come back with a final estimate for their engineering services.

The company is saying they should have a volume estimate within two to four weeks of being authorized to begin work and “anticipate an approximate cost of between $6,000 and $10,000 to prepare this estimate.”

Balcom said the engineers also want to go to the site to compare the original plans with the actual topography.

In a letter to Kerley, the company proposes looking at the electronic drawings of the Pinnacle Pointe shopping center to provide engineering estimates on the amount of earthwork performed.

“We will provide earthwork quantity estimates for both site (private) and infrastructure (public) work performed on the approximate 54 acre site, as well as a total quantity,” wrote Andrew C. Hutsell, project manager.