Harriman Happenings

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By Louise Warmley

Carolyn Clemmons, her friend and son spent last weekend in Asheville, N.C., visiting her sister, Virginia.
While there, they visited other family members and some friends.
The following ones who are celebrating their birthdays this June are friends who play bingo at Harriman Community Center every second and fourth Mondays: Peggy Gunter, Ernell Renfro, Geraldine Harmon, Tom Collins and Mrs. Woods.
Happy birthday to all of you.
To my friend Lydia Yette McKeldin and nephew Dana Thompson, I hope your day was a great one. God bless.
Carolyn Griffin flew to Long Beach, Calif., to attend the home-going service of her sister, Lillian Sherman.
Lillian formerly lived in Rockwood. After her marriage, they moved to California.
She was a Christian lady and active in her church until her illness prevented her from attending her church.
She was preceded in death by one of her children.
She is survived by her husband; two sisters, Carolyn Griffin and Lillian “Lady” Johnson; two brothers; seven children; 26 grandchildren; 44 great-great-grandchildren; two great-great-great grandchildren; plus a host of other relatives and friends.
After spending some time with the family, Carolyn returned home Monday.
Deloris Cole and Heuritta  Caldwell traveled by bus to Memphis with Pastor Harold Middlebrook and members of his church for an annual fellowship with Antioch Baptist Church. This is an annual fellowship between these two churches for the past 30 years.
Deloris said they had a great time those three days they were there. They visited with the Civil Rights Museum and the motel where Martin Luther King stayed before he was killed.
They also visited a place called Freedom Sisters.
More than 20 pictures of black women who made contributions to the Civil Rights Movement were there.
They spent all day visiting places of interest.
On Saturday, the church had a big cook-out for all visitors. On Sunday, they worshiped with members and friends at Antioch Church. The Rev. Middlebrook delivered the morning message and his choir provided the music.
All who made this trip had a great time.
The Rev. Middlebrook remained  because he was the guest preacher for a four-night revival.
As a reminder please keep in mind the 100 women in white Sunday, June 30 at 3 p.m. at St. Mary’s Baptist Church. Every church is asked to support these ladies in this service. This is where the Rev. Jesse L. Williams Sr. is pastor and Sister Pat Taylor is chairwoman.