Harriman Happenings, Feb. 10

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By Louise Warmley

Get-well wishes to Pam Lively, who recently had surgery at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville.

We will miss you, so hurry and feel better.

We were saddened when we received the news that Robert Nabbe is very ill. He is a former resident of Harriman.

Remember to keep him in our prayers. God still heals.

Happy birthday to my great granddaughter, who celebrated her 20th birthday Feb. 6.

My nephew, Dan Keith Anderson, will celebrate his birthday Friday, Feb. 14.

Wishing both of you the best, and may you have a long and blessed life.

Last Sunday the youth of St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church with their leaders, Pearl Gallaher, Missie Gallaher and Carolyn Clemmons, talked to us about black people who have made good in their lives, not only for themselves but for others as well.

They will continue to bring in accomplishments about men and women who have made good in life.

Betty Ladd celebrated her birthday on the 3rd of this month.

She didn’t do anything special but just blessed to start another year of life.

We wish you many more birthdays, Betty.

The following people are celebrating February birthdays: Cree Moore 4th; Kyra Siler 13th; Willene Gordon 16th; and to my niece LaToya Martin; Jackie Gallaher 15th; Addie Lillard 16th; Robert Turner 28th; to my friends Thelma Beard 1st and Dorothy Eskridge 1st.

God’s blessings to all of you. Hope your birthdays were a great one.

Congratulations to Dan and Pat Taylor, who celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary Feb. 6. They were married Feb. 6, 1968.

He is retired from Martin Marietta Y-12 in Oak Ridge, and Pat works.

They are parents of four children, two are deceased.

They are faithful members of St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church.

May you continue to stay in God’s will. We love you.

February is the month of Black History. Here is information from a popular write-up regarding some well-known contributions by black inventors and contributors to society:

Sarah Boone improved the ironing board by redesigning its shape.

Jan Ernst Matzeliger mechanized shoe making, and Walter Sammons created the straightening comb. Lydia O. Newman invented an improved hairbrush.

Lloyd P. Ray improved the dustpan with a handle.

Thomas Stewart created a self-wringing mop.

George T. Sampson invented a clothes dryer.

John Love invented a transportable pencil sharpener.

John Burr made an improved rotary blade lawnmower.

More information about other successful African American innovators will be in next week’s column.