Harriman man charged in beating

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Allegedly head-butted woman who is seven-months pregnant

By Brian Langley

A 29-year old Harriman man is in custody after allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend at her Wartburg home last Thursday.

Eric W. Turner, of 2373 Sugar Grove Valley Road, was arrested by Roane County deputies and handed over to Morgan County officers late Monday night.

Turner is facing assault charges for beating his 38-year old girlfriend.

She is seven-months pregnant.

According to the police report, Turner head-butted her in the face, pulled her hair out, and dragged her through the house.

Police said he also twisted her hands behind her back and caused her to suffer a broken hand.

She had a cuts on her lip and nose.

Turner also had punched holes in the wall in the house.

The woman was taken to Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge and treated for her injuries.

“We see domestic assaults quite often. We want the individuals that file the complaints to start following through with the process, because when they don’t then they end up back in the same situation they were in before. We want the women to start prosecuting these cases, so this won’t keep happening,” said Morgan County Chief Deputy Steve Cochran. “We want these individuals that beat on women, especially one that is seven-months pregnant, to pay for what they’ve done.”

Turner is on probation in Roane County. He now facing charges of aggravated domestic assault and assault on a viable fetus.

He was released this week from Morgan County jail in lieu of a $13,500 bond.

He is scheduled to appear in Morgan County Court on April 11.