Harriman paving finished

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By Cindy Simpson

Drivers now have a sleek ride on many of the Harriman roadways that were for months made worse by much-needed utility repairs.

Over recent weeks Harriman’s long-talked-about paving has been under way and is now completed.

“We would like to continue paving every year if we can afford it,” said Harriman Mayor Chris Mason.

He said Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley “has identified gas tax money that we may set aside for future projects.

“I would like to set aside $150,000-$200,000 per year for resurfacing,” Mason added.

The city borrowed funds to do much of the paving this year but were stalled because of concerns that utility work would require digging up the freshly laid asphalt.

Instead, working with Harriman Utility Board employees, the city decided to delay the work so that major utility improvements to gas, water and sewer lines could be made before new pavement was put down.