Help for Haiti: North Rockwood Baptist mission works in earthquake-devastated area

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Eight people from North Rockwood Baptist Church recently returned from a two-week mission trip to Haiti.


They went to Haiti as part of Voice of Children USA, a non-profit group home-based in Knoxville that has supported schools, churches and orphans in Haiti for more than 25 years.

D.J. Allen, Josh Boles, Tony Davis, Shelby Fugate, Nick Hutchcraft, Daniel Morgan, Tracy Shelton, Diana Whaley and Monica Fugate were the North Rockwood representatives on the trip.

Haiti was hit last year by a devastating earthquake that destroyed buildings housing schools and churches maintained by Voice of Children.

Haiti is on the western end of the island of Hispaniola, with the Dominican Republic on the eastern end of the island.

The building on the mountain at Anjebo was totally destroyed, along with buildings at Oncolene and Santos.

These three buildings near Leogone on the southwestern end of the island were near the epicenter of the earthquake.

The orphanage in Port au Prince was damaged.

Monies were raised for rebuilding at Anjebo and work was accomplished to digging and pouring the foundation and constructing walls within three courses of block of reaching the rafters.

The work involved a team of Haitians with the volunteers from Roane County, Knoxville and California.

Plans have been made and money will be sent to add the roof.

Money had previously been sent to rebuild the cistern that supplied families with clean water.

The closest available water was a small brook about a half mile down the mountain. An outhouse was also rebuilt with money previously sent.

About 2,000 patients were seen in free clinics during the two-week mission. Church services were held nightly and on Sunday. There were 10 professions of faith during the preaching and clinic activities.

Voice of Children sends monthly support for feeding orphans and supporting the teachers and pastors who maintain the buildings.

Ben Whittenbarger is pastor of North Rockwood Baptist Church on U.S. Hwy. 27 North.

Visit voiceofchildren.net or call 354-8875 for details.