Here’s one way to make room in closet for big guns

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“...until death do us part.” Then the invitation to, oops ­— “You may kiss ... each other?”
Ah yes, so romantic and final!
But at most only 50 percent of marriages in the USA last that long for a multitude of reasons.
And now we are engaged in a moral struggle with ourselves that challenges an accepted societal norm that has lasted for over two thousand years.
Suddenly society is being asked to accept “same sex” unions of both sexes and trans-gender couples as marriages, a state prescribed in the Bible.
Resistance to this new trend is based on biblical teachings and concepts that say such unions are contrary to nature.
Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?
We have largely accepted marriages between the races though many are still struggling with the idea.
Marriage to a foreigner was once frowned upon, but is now welcomed in polite society.
What would Darwin have said to such developments?
How would he have explained his ‘natural selection’ theory?
And where are Kinsey and Freud in all this?
Humans made the laws, humans can change the laws to suit themselves.
It might be well for the Supreme Court justices to stay out of the bedrooms of others and let Americans be what we so proudly declare ourselves to be — individuals.
If religion was removed from the equation I dare say Mormons would be unrestricted in the number of mates they could have, there would be no restrictions on who could marry whom, there would be no bigamy laws and far, far fewer lawyers.
The human animal seems to need, even crave, limits, laws, restrictions and guidelines. It is part of our DNA and is reinforced by societal authority.
I can’t imagine what America would look like without the rule of law and authorities to tell us what is right or wrong. Can you?
Now that gays are coming out of the closet in increasing numbers, we should not be negative but glad that they can at last be themselves.
And there will be more room in the closets to store our new AR-15’s and our ammunition.
B.J. Gillum