Hines stepping back from duties

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By Cindy Simpson

Jim Hines wears many hats in the city of Rockwood, but he soon may be wearing only one.

Hines said he has talked to Mayor James Watts about retiring in the fall and staying on as a contractor for a few days a week for building inspector duties.

He currently serves in the multiple roles of building inspector, city recorder and city administrator.

“I’m going to go ahead and retire, come back as a contract employee,” Hines said.

His responsibilities grew too heavy for the outgoing inspector.

“I’m just tired of being responsible for everything,” Hines added.

He said he was also tired of the pressures and “fighting certain City Council members.”

Hines said it would be up to city officials whether he would remain a few days a week or actually retire completely.

Watts said Hines has played an important function at the city and will be missed when he does decide to hang it up entirely.

“To replace Jim Hines, believe me, you are going to have to hire three new people,” the mayor said. “He does that much for the city.”

Watts credits Hines for helping bring business back to Rockwood.

“He’s helped us tremendously with relocating business into the Rockwood area,” Watts said.

While he’ll leave a void, Watts believes that cross training other employees has left them on good footing.

“Probably, I’m looking at maybe just trying to do some reorganizing within the current operation of the city to cover the areas we need to cover,” Watts said.

“We’re not really desperate. We’ve got people on board that I believe has the skills and ability to do what has to be done,” he added. “If Jim and the council agrees to some kind of a contract, he’ll be available to help in the transfer.”