Hire more male teachers to end counter violence

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Several weeks ago, school board member Danny Wright invited people to give input on the current political movement to raise county property taxes in order to pay for uniformed police officers for each Roane County School.  

I’d like to give Mr. Wright, his safety committee, and your readers my input at this time. I support putting armed guards in schools. But, I am against raising property taxes in order to fund the proposed school police safety program.

It is a shame that we are even thinking about putting police officers in each of our schools for safety. School systems all across the country must accept full responsibility for creating a school security void, and the Roane County school board and local school administrators must accept full blame here. Ninety-three percent of all classroom teachers in Roane County K-8 schools are women.  

Several large elementary schools only have only one or two male classroom teachers, and several schools have none.

Where are the male teachers?  There are few male teachers and military veteran teachers in our schools because the liberal feminist principals who manage most of our K-8 grade schools won’t hire men or veterans unless they need a coach or physical education teacher.

Roane County principals mostly use cronyism and nepotism in their hiring process. You have to be a friend of or a relative to a principal to have any chance of getting a teaching job.  

Schools Director Gary Aytes recently received a full blessing from the school board after he elevated his wife from principal of Midtown Elementary to a position by his side in the administration office.

Most Roane principals practice the same type of nepotism.  If Gary Aytes or Kingston Elementary School  teacher/military veteran John Ingle were applying for a teaching job today, they wouldn’t get hired.

The lack of male classroom teachers has contributed to several problems in our schools, such as increased school bullying. But the greatest problem that has been created by not hiring more male teachers in K-8 schools is that our schools have become an inviting soft target for cowardly lunatics and terrorists who intend to murder.

These demon-possessed murderers know that there are few men in the schools and know that women teachers will not stop them.  Do you really think a murderer would target a school for terror if at least 50 percent of the school teachers were men?  Murderers and bullies travel a path of least resistance.  A cowardly terrorist will always choose to murder at an Avon party rather than at the Mason Lodge. The cowardly murderer in Newtown, Conn., knew he would not encounter much resistance from a school full of women and children.

Our principals have created the school security problem by their own mismanagement. The school board could begin to fix this problem by eliminating discriminatory hiring practices and institutional nepotism.  But, all they seem to think about is raising taxes.

A newly formed safety committee of school board members and police are attempting to use fear-mongering propaganda to convince taxpayers to pay more money to put armed policemen in the schools to protect the children. The easy solution would be to hire more male teachers/military veterans with handgun carry permits and allow them to carry those weapons to school in order to protect their students.

States like South Dakota and Oklahoma are proposing to allow all teachers to do this. But, liberal school administrators and feminist principals would fight against such a plan here.

The safety committee can offer no new ideas except to propose a large tax increase to fund their plan to create a police guard bureaucracy.  Our politicians sing the same old song year after year — raise taxes, or our children will suffer!  
According to the Tennessee Department of Human Services webpage there are about 10,500 low-income people in Roane County who are currently receiving food stamps, Medicaid and/or welfare.  

There are thousands of other low-income citizens who are not eligible for government assistance and are struggling to pay bills and feed their families.  

A tax increase would hurt all people but would especially hurt low-income people, elderly people on fixed incomes and small businesses.

The Roane County News reported that Commissioner Randy Ellis said his safety committee thinks it would need $1.8 million to hire additional police officers for each school.

Roane citizens cannot endure the proposed property tax hardship to pay for this plan. What are Randy Ellis and Danny Wright thinking? Instead of conspiring to raise taxes on our citizens, why isn’t Randy Ellis and other Commissioners working to bring more jobs to Roane County?

Many weapon manufacturers are moving out of the communist-liberal Obama States in droves. Why isn’t Randy Ellis working to bring these companies to Roane County?  

Creating a police bureaucracy or expanding the sheriff’s office at a cost of $1.8 million per year is robbery. Our sheriff and school system never seem to have enough money to buy the things they want to buy.

The sheriff has a new modern multi-million dollar jail but says he needs more space. The schools are always looking to buy the latest fashionable gimmick they think will make learning easier.

There are ways to pay for non-teacher armed guards in schools without raising taxes. Instead of creating a police guard bureaucracy at a huge cost, the schools could hire security companies. Many state agencies do this because it saves money. The schools can pay for these contracts by eliminating positions like teacher aides, graduation coaches and other non-essential administrative staff.

Roane County teachers are some of the highest-paid in the six-county radius around Roane.  

Having a high number of teacher aides to help these high-paid teachers is a luxury rather than a necessity. How can our school system justify hiring graduation coaches? Is there no oversight by the Board of Education for this type of spending?  

I’d like to encourage every Roane County citizen to call his district school board member and county commissioner to voice opposition to the creation of an unnecessary police bureaucracy to guard our schools.  

Voters need to think about applying term limits to these tax-and-spend politicians at the next election. I also hope that voters will try to elect more college-educated men and women to serve on the school board.  

It’s hard to believe that we elect people to serve on the Board of Education who don’t have a college education. Our current school board members and some county commissioners have no new ideas to offer except to raise taxes and allow the schools and other government agencies to waste your tax money.

School administrators like Gary Aytes can talk these uneducated school board members into believing anything. I would very much like to volunteer my services to the Roane County Schools and to the sheriff’s office. I have the experience to make the hard choices that must be made to balance their budgets. They can call me if they are interested.

Denzil  Britt