Hit-and-run killed man, changed family forever

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On June 30, my husband was involved in a hit-and-run accident on Hwy. 61. Twenty-six days later, he passed away.
My husband was driving a Metro; the other vehicle was a blue, unloaded logging truck.
After crossing over the center line and hitting my husband’s car, the driver never stopped or went back to see the damage that was done.
To the driver of the logging truck, let me tell you what you have done to his family. Our lives have been changed forever. There’s a giant void that will never be filled, and our pain will go on forever. You not only caused his death, you destroyed our lives and stole our dreams of the future.
His smile, laughter and his love of life are gone forever. You robbed me of the soul mate I had for more than 50 years. You took our children’s father and his grandchildren’s PaPa. He also had a great-grandson that will never get the chance to ever know him.
You know who you are, and if you are half the man he was, you would come forward and admit what you have done.
Connie Kirkland