Holiday season doesn't have to be a big stress fest

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Tensions run high during the holiday season.When high expectations meet the demands of reality, it can dash the brightest moods.

What can we do to make our holiday season brighter? Change our expectations.

Perfection isn’t all it’s cut out to be. Let’s aim for good enough instead.

Don’t worry if the main course came out a bit dry — that’s what gravy is for.

And maybe you can’t afford the latest in technology, but you can get the best of something else that isn’t nearly expensive.

Americans tend to put too much emphasis on the presents and the trimmings, and we are shortchanging ourselves and our children when we do so.

This year, aim for a more relaxed holiday with an emphasis on the people you really care about.

Put away your credit cards and spend quaility time and less money. The togetherness is what your loved ones will remember later.