Hospital situation in Knoxville has her praising RMC

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I have never seen such inappropriate behavior as I saw the week of Aug. 22-29 at Mercy West in Knoxville.

My husband went in to have hip surgery. After going to the third floor for recovery, he lay there a couple of hours before anyone checked on him.

All but three nurses and one assistant acted liked they were upset that we were there.

I literally took care of him by myself. I changed his bed, helped him up and down, brought his water and even had to change his bandage. One nurse named had a rude reply when he asked for pain medicine.
This is a nurse now who said this. “Why don’t I just go open the cabinet and you can pick out what you want.”

The man was in pain!

Also the dietary department was not a place you would want to go. I asked one morning for a yogurt and was told in a loud and rude way, “I’m busy. I’ve not had time to make them.”

Not once that week did she.

The cashier threw my change in my hand like she was scared to touch me, no smiles or pleasant words did any of them have.

No one should ever discourage anyone from Roane Medical Center. All our staff and nurses are pleasant and will always give you a smile and make you feel that you’re cared about.

Our dietary is great. The people are pleasant and hard working but can still give you a good morning and a smile.

The third floor and dietary at Mercy West need to look back and see why they got in their line of work. It sure isn’t to make the patient feet better.

Beware where you go and choose your place of recovery well. You could come out feeling worse than when you went in. Keep up the good work, RMC.

Carmen Nichols