How much do you really know about the Constitution?

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It’s Constitution Week.

As much as this foundation for our nation’s freedom and way of life has been bandied about lately, we are shocked by how little many people really know about its history and its actual content.

“We the people...” are words that define our government — our belief system — and our unique set of freedoms.

These words have guided this country  through hard times and civil strife.

We must always hold them dear because they make it crystal clear that opportunities and privileges that are offered here are for all of its citizens — not just the powerful and the privileged, not for people of one particular color or similar persuasion.

We should not take at face value rhetoric bandied about on the airwaves by talking heads of any political leaning.

We should all strive to become Constitutional scholars — or at least be well-versed on the basics that our nation was founded on.

How can we begin “to form a more perfect union,” as our forefathers strove to, if we don’t even know what are freedoms are based on?

Learn more.

Be a freedom fighter by knowing what our freedoms really are all about.