HUB late fees — just what are they needed for?

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HUB customers, beware about paying your utility bill late.

I recently found out that if your bill is not paid by the due date, there is a penalty fee of $10.

If your bill is not paid before your next bill is mailed out, they issue a cut off notice, which, when they deliver it to your house, costs you $20 more.

My question is, what are the late fees paying for? The new trucks employees ride around in all day? The fancy new sign on their building? The bill for the Christmas lights they put up? The top dogs in the office, do these fees pay their bonuses or employee raises?

Why are we getting charged $30 worth of late fees for not having our bills paid by the middle of the month?

HUB gives people that have fixed incomes time to pay their bill before you penalize them for being late.

Thirty dollars a month is a lot of money for people who only get paid once a month or who have only one income that they have to pay all their bills with, not just yours!

Cam Turner