HUB utility director search may be complete by June

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By Cindy Simpson

A new manager to the Harriman Utility Board may be named by June 5.

That is the hope of HUB board members, who received 19 applications at the regular board meeting this week.

“There is a lot of work here, a lot of workshops,” said board member Buddy Bowers.

Applications were given out to most of the advisory committee members  who were present at the meeting.

A handful of HUB employees and two community members will have input, although no vote, in the hiring.

The community members are Shashi Patel, owner of two local hotels, and Diana Knobloch, representing residential customers.

The board had suggested the April 25 board meeting be the day to approve who would be interviewed.

“That basically gives us the full 30 days,” said chairman Gary Goff.

Goff asked that the board bring their calendars to the next workshop that will be scheduled so they can pick days for interviews.

The board plans to have a workshop on Monday, April 11, at 6 p.m. and to have the board members and advisory committee members to rank their top five in order of preference.

After that, the board can review the recommendations and select the ones they want to interview, officials said.

It was agreed that the advisory committee could give feedback to the board, but it would be the board that would make the ultimate decision on who is brought in for interviews.

The selected applicants for interviews will likely go through two initial interviews: one by the board,  and one by the advisory committee.

“We can probably get it done in a three-day period if it is just three people,” Goff said.