IMPRESSIONS by Johnny Teglas

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Nothing like the smell of fresh-cut grass

Spring’s a comin.’
I mentioned that last week in this space.
And on Sunday evening at 7:41 p.m., that’s exactly what happened.
Old timers in these parts warn me not to get too excited.
After all, the running joke is that if you don’t like the weather in East Tennessee, just give it a minute.
Spring actually kind of “sprung” on us several days earlier.
While I’m an early riser and the annual transition to Daylight Saving Time rarely bothers me, I purposely observed folks around the office here on Sunday and Monday mornings.
I saw a lot of yawns. It was apparent not everyone had quite adjusted. A few extremely honest colleagues warned me beforehand that they were “cranky.”
Speaking of cranky … a sure sign of my second most favorite time of the year behind fall and football is being within earshot of neighbors who are firing up their lawnmowers.
What a wonderful sound.
What an even more wonderful smell!
Fresh-cut grass has a way of getting my juices flowing.
Thanks to all the rain in recent weeks, we’re heading into springtime ahead of the drought curve and most area lawns are already getting a wee bit shaggy.
At last check, we actually had a slight surplus in rainfall. Yippee!
Well, I hope so. I’m a lover of lawn mowing and going from snowin’ to mowin.’
Decades ago I learned that mowing time was precious to me.
That’s when I could turn off my beeper, not hear my cell phone ring or my wife bark out more weekend “honey do” orders.
I took advantage of the time away from everyone else to spend it in prayer with the Lord.
A grand lady at the church I once held membership mentioned to me one day that a Prayer Warrior has to make time for that important element of our faith.
She smiled from ear to ear when I told her my special time was when I was pushing the mower.
Hopefully, some of you see it that way, too.
Did you notice all the boats rolling into the county last week?
Wow! I even fought off a grumble or two because I couldn’t make a left turn off Franklin Street onto Kentucky Street because a convoy of them were pulling into the Rocky Top.
That was a huge hint winter is behind us. The Walmart Bass Fishing League was in town for Saturday’s first of five stops in its Volunteer Division.
Another sure sign of springtime is the upcoming Home & Garden Show at Roane State Community College.
The fifth annual Home & Garden Show is hosted by The Roane County Chamber of Commerce and will be held at the Roane State Expo Center this Saturday.
The event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
According to Darrell Williams at the Chamber and Roane Alliance, the date was moved up to give vendors a head start on sharing ideas and products before spring gets into full tilt.
The event will also be held inside the Expo Center this year, which will “weather proof” it.
I vividly recall the downpour that hit last year. Then Chamber chairwoman Kim Harris even did a lively “anti” rain dance that morning as visitors strolled along the Roane State lawn.
Despite her best efforts, the gyrations didn’t work.
Williams also noted that holding the event this month will provide an opportunity for busy professionals to work it into their schedules.
“We can add more gardening and landscaping vendors before they get too busy with the upcoming spring season,” he said.
This year’s event also includes new workshops, on the hour, provided by members of the “Master Gardeners’ Club.”
Grant Palmer of the University of Tennessee extension service, is coordinating those workshops and providing volunteers to lead them.
Also new to the event will be a “classic car” display, musical entertainment and attractions for children such as animal petting and face painting.
While time is short, vendor opportunities are still available.Anyone interested should contact Home & Garden Show chairperson Jenny Tippens at 376-6065.
More information is also available by contacting Tami Wright or Williams at the Chamber office by calling 376-5572.
I hope to see you there!