IMPRESSIONS by Johnny Teglas: Looking for value in hard times? Here’s help

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Like you, I’m pretty much a very, very loyal grocery shopper.
Over the years, I’ve chosen to spend money with folks who spend theirs with me.
Hence, I search their ads in the newspaper each week to determine what I am going to buy where.
I honestly can’t recall a moment when I went out on a “jag” and plunked down serious cash for an item I hadn’t thought out.
Well, I guess I do have to admit I once rushed out to a convenience store on Christmas morning for batteries for one of Jon Clark’s Christmas gifts.
Yes, it generally costs me an extra couple of bucks in gas money, but I eat well — and sleep well — knowing I am turning over dollars in the economy with those who believe in us.

With that said, I am excited to share that your next purchase of the Roane County News is going to give you an opportunity to save even more.
After a six-month hiatus, SmartSource coupons return to the newspaper this Friday.
So, what does that mean to you?
How about this simple example of economics? If you are a subscriber, your Friday newspaper costs you 32 cents. If you are a single-copy reader, it costs 50 cents.
We should all be able to agree that’s much, much less than a cup of coffee or your favorite soft drink or bottled water.
Keeping that in mind, starting Friday, you can also expect to find SmartSource coupons with an average value of $75 in savings.
How’s that for a significant value proposition?
Let’s take it a few steps further.

Imagine an opportunity to shave $75 a week off your budget for at most 50 cents and at best 32 cents once a week.
Being the frugal miser that I am, I would choose to subscribe, snatch up the coupons and start matching them up with local store sales.
We understand there are some serious “couponers” right here in our community.
The tiny investment in the newspaper purchase combined with SmartSource coupons can help you stretch your shopping budget.
Shoot, 32 cents times four weeks is $1.28. Fifty cents times four weeks is 2 bucks for single-copy purchasers. Across those same four weeks, you’ll get manufacturers’ coupons averaging $300 in savings.
In the bigger picture, a one-year subscription to the Roane County News right here at home costs just $49.95. Across 52 weeks, the coupons present a savings opportunity of $3,900.
Do the math, friends.
Besides guaranteeing yourself the best information source around when it comes to news and advertising, imagine whacking those huge savings opportunities off your budget.

In fair disclosure, over the past several months I’ve been talking to our readers,  and yes, even several former readers.
A common theme revolved around value. A handful were even bold and shared that they used to subscribe simply to have access to our coupons.
No harm there. Newspaper types have thick skins. Yes, we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in generating news and sports stories and photos.
We spend similar amounts in opening up pages for the stories and pictures you want to share with us.
At the end of the day, however, we understand our customers make a variety of decisions.
Several years ago, I was standing in a grocery line when a fellow looked back at me and offered me the “guts” of the newspaper.
He said he was only buying it for the TV section.
Oh, well, at least he was honest. And his comments have resonated with me ever since.

During my more recent conversations with readers, I learned many of them wanted coupons.
Once fellow was quite concise.
“I subscribed because I couldn’t get your coupons anywhere else.”
Well, friends they are “baaaaaaaack.”
And we are pleased to be able to provide them for you.
Take advantage of them.
If your are a single-copy Roane County News buyer, Friday’s newspaper just got that much more valuable.
If you’re a subscriber, you’re going to start getting a bonus.
And if you want to be a new subscriber, pick up the phone or crank up your computer and get in on the action.
For the next several weeks, we will have coupon cutters and organizers available for each and every new subscriber.
Hurry in and get yours before they run out. You’re going to start saving major bucks. And you’re also going to get the only newspaper dedicated to providing information for and about Roane County.